Fashion Designers Challenge

Fashion Designers Challenge

Since late last year I saw so many “blog challenges” around, all of them so interesting! 

The first I ever saw was Mix’n Match challenged by Vint Falken and ArminasX Saiman! That was a soooo cool idea! A group of blogger challenging each other to write about something that, maybe, it is not his/her usual main focus.  And, on top of that, each one of them should host on his/her own blog a blogpost from another blogger.

I’ll tell you something… to join such kind of challenge, the person must be brave, because maybe he/she will take a subject to write that he/she is absolutely clueless about… And there is a defined deadline to have the article done. And that is! This is part of the challenge! Doesn’t matter what the challenge is, the person who accept to be challenged must have a creative mind!

After that I noticed a lot of fashion bloggers challenging themselves to post about  a defined subject, or about a specific fashion designer, or “mix look” and so one… The last I saw was Fashionable Relay Challenge by Sasy Scarborough.

All of those challenges inspired me to launch this first edition of  “Fashion Designers Challenge” !

Please, don’t get confused: this is not a “competition” between fashion designers!

This is a teamwork challenge!

This is a collaboration effort!

I started to chat with the fashion designers who I shared the catwalk during 2008 fashion events, challenging them to join the team. And they started to challenge their own friends fashion designers to also join the team.

At the end of this process, we ended up with an interesting network of 35 fashion designers who jumped into this idea! Take a look on the fashion designers list on the right column. I’m sure you know all of them! What do you think about them?

I think all of them are brave!! All of them have creative minds!! All of them wanna work together in a collaboration effort!

And… we all are already having lot of  fun!!

Do you dare to imagine what kind of outfits we will be creating for you during  Fashion Designers Challenge?

Wait! And you will see!

Keep one eye on Fashion Designers Challenge blog to know more about it! We will be publishing more informations soon!


Samsara Nishi

Fashion Designers Challenge