Do you dare to accept the challenge to join an event as fashion designer without knowing what is the style of outfit you will have to create?

Here you can see who are these brave fashion designers who accepted it! We will have a lot of fun!

Please, don’t get confused: this is not a “competition” between fashion designers!

This is a teamwork challenge!

This is a collaboration effort!

I started to chat with the fashion designers who I shared the catwalk during 2008 fashion events, challenging them to join the team. And they started to challenge their own friends fashion designers to also join the team.

At the end of this process, we ended up with an interesting network of 35 fashion designers who jumped into this idea! Take a look on the fashion designers list on the right column. I’m sure you know all of them! What do you think about them?

I think all of them are brave!! All of them have creative minds!! All of them wanna work together in a collaboration effort!

And… we all are already having lot of  fun!!


Samsara Nishi

Fashion Designers Challenge 

The Rules

There are individual challenges and also team challenges!

Individual Challenge

Each one of the fashion designers have 3 main individual assignments during the Fashion Designers Challenge:

  1. To define a challenge to send to another fashion designer
  2. To create an outfit based on the challenge he/she  received from another fashion designer
  3. To blog about the outfit someone else created

That means:

“Fashion-Designer-A” defines a challenge that “Fashion-Designer-B” will create and “Fashion-Designer-C” will blog about.

The challenge itself can be whatever the fashion designer wanna challenge the next fashion designer to create.

Whatever he/she wants!!! There are NO rules to define the challenge itself… And believe me, there are ALL kind of challenges!! lol

Now probably you are asking yourslef “Who is challenging who?” This definition is by chance! It is random!

Nobody can pick who will receive his/her challenge! Nobody can pick what challenge will receive!

The challenges are randon distributed separately inside each one of the different fashion categories: Clothes, Hair, Jewelry, Skin and Shoes.

That means you only can challenge someone else to create a dress if you are up to receive yourself a clothes challenge.

Team Challenge

This is the funny part! The strong interaction between fashion designers! We created teams to work together into a harmonized final look.

As far as we have 5 fashion categories challenges at the same time (Clothes, Hair, Jewelry, Skin and Shoes), and only one fashion show to feature all the final products together… we must to put them together into a harmonized final outfits.

To do that we created designers TEAMS including designer of different categories.

Each team has the mission to work together during the creative process to reach their individual challenges goals into a harmonized final outfit including all pieces created by them.

Do you think it is impossible? Maybe… That will be fun! By the way, the teams are also created by chance.

At this point we already defined all the challenges, and we already distributed all the challenges! That means all fashion designers are already creating, or at least, thinking about what they will be creating!