Today is the deadline!

The 35 brave designers who accepted the challenge are finally ready to pack their efforts in the final outfits/jewels/shoes/hair/skins!
Multiple categories, team work and a lot of fun!
The Fashion Designers Challenge was born from an idea of Samsara Nishi, who sent out invites to take part to this HIGHLY unusual event:)

All the items are to be released on the 5th of May, with a pre-launch (for press and bloggers) on the 30th of April! That’s soon!
And I can assure you there will be loads to see and tons to be surprised of!

A big thank to Samsara for letting me be a part of this, and to Mouse Mimistrobell, who has been a splendid team-mate!
Stay tune to see the actual outcome of what Mouse and I had to create šŸ˜‰