Here is what Candy Cerveau did for the awsome FDC:

this beautifull jewlery set was created by Candy Cerveau, challanged by herself….yes this can happen too 🙂 She picked herself randomly. The task was to create something that is inspired by the ice hotel in Sweden. So she started making this  snow crystal inspired necklace and bracet in icy colors, that could be appropriate for an ice fairy or ice princess. I think, if there was a jewlery shop in the ice hotel, they would sell sets like this.

Candy Cerveau dropped into the world of Second Life in January of 2006 after reading about a working version of The Metaverse from Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash. In RL she is a glass artist and creates beads for jewelry and collection. She has, as she admits,  a natural inclination for working small – and a desire to produce well crafted and well textured work.  She uses mostly custom made and exclusive textures and has embraced the new sculpted prims with joy, as to her they impart a realism and organic feel that is hard to match.

Her shop in SL is”Eye Candy”, she opened it in  in late 2006. She expanded her area several times and finally made the leap to her own sim in August of this year. Her main store is in Emerald City on the new sim Magic of Oz, a theme build based on the Oz books of L Frank Baum.