Fashion Designers Challenge - banner

Fashion Designers Challenge - banner

This weekend is your last chance to submit your photos joining the  Fashion Designers Challenge Photo Contest! Thegrand prize is a BAG including 23 items created during the FDC event: 2 skins, 15 outfits, 4 jewelry, 1  shoes fatpack  and 1 hair (Check the prizes here )!! The deadline to submit your photos is May/30th!!

Visit FDC blog to check the rules and have lot of fun taking your pictures!

As an important reminder  I should say Fashion Designers Challenge Special temporary stores with all items created during this event are now closed! So if you still wanna buy some of the FDC items, you should visit each one of the designer’s store. Check here the SLURLs to FDC designer’s stores.

If you are not sure what are the FDC items you can wear to this photo contest, you can take a free copy of the FDC Photo Book on XStreet SL with photos of ALL FDC items (photos by Tillie Ariantho). You also can check some of FDC items on the Moda Fashion Spotlight TV Show, and also on the Fashion Show Review by Timeless Agency. Or, check what the designers blogged about each other.

And this is the perfect moment to, on behalf of all 35 FDC designers,  once again say thank you to all professionals who worked hard to make this event happen!

Special thanks for the support teams who worked with us in several aspects of this event:

  • Fashion Agency: Timeless Fashion Agency / SerinaJane Loon, Orso Templar, Mui Mukerji, Alaysa Lombardi, Zoe Demar, Lolita Nomura, AnGeLik Slade, Cayce Newell, Haruka Kish, Nemi McCoy, Sapphire Coakes, Sharron Schuhman, Tempest Rosca, Sabine Blackburn, Sally Yachvili, Tiffany Dragonash, Isabel Brocco, Jennaa Loire, Seashell Dench, Valeria Pienaar and Jhao Oh. (Did I forget someone? I hope not!)
  • Fashion Show Venue: Patch Thibaud Auditorium / Frolic Mills
  • Machinima maker: Prad Prathivi
  • Photographer: Tillie Ariantho
  • TV Show: Moda Fashion Spotlight TV Show / Mia Sanchez, JujuDoll Dancer, Nyte Vargas, Harlee Lane, Calveen Kline, Makeda Cole, Yxes Delacroix, Lovis Timeless, SLCN/Treet, and, of course, all the beautiful models who worked on the TV show! (Did I forget someone? I hope not!)
  • Video teaser:  JujuDoll Dancer

This event challenged each one of those professionals to give their best, and they did it! We really appreciate your effort and professionalism! Thank you so much!

Special thank you to our sponsors! (alphabetic order):

Amodica Studio/Prad Prathivi –
EyeCandy/Candy Cerveau –
Moda Fashion Spotlight:
Sam’s Secret Boutique/Samsara Nishi:
SL Newspaper
Sn@tch/Ivey Deschanel  –
The Best of SL Magazine
Tillie Ariantho
WW Design

And, of course, this event would be impossible without the creative and open minds of those brave fashion designers who jumped into this project without knowing what style of outfit they would have to create. I would like to special thanks again each one of them:

Aleri Darkes, Alexandar Vargas, Amutey Decuir, Annah Whitfield, Anubis Hartunian, Candy Cerveau, Clio Cardiff, Danielle Harrop, Digit Darkes, Eolande Elvehjem, Felicity Overlord, Ina Centaur, Indyra Seigo, Ivey Deschanel, Jamie Holmer, Kesseret Steeplechase, Leah McCullough, Mew Denimore, Mouse Mimistrobell, Nardya Rousselot, Neferia Abel, Nyte Vargas, Pushbutton Skolnick, Samsara Nishi, SavannahAnn McMillan, Sevenstar Amat, Sheltered Heart, Shir Dryke, Sioxie Legend, Sofi Sullivan, SySy Chapman, Tatianna Faulkes, Tigerlily Koi, Tuli Asturias and Wiccan Sojourner.

Super special thanks for the designers who, working in parallel with the design of their own FDC items,  invested several extra hours in collaboration mode to make possible this event happen:

  • Club Builder & pre-opening party organization: Tatianna Faulkes
  • Store Builder team: Sofi Sullivan, Tatianna Faulkes
  • Sim owners: Candy Cerveau, Ivey Deschanel
  • Visual Identity team: Ina Centaur, Sevenstar Amat, Sioxie Legend
  • Italian translator: Clio Cardiff
  • Photo Contest organization: SySy Chapman
  • Special advisors: Alexandar Vargas, Sysy Chapman
  • Brainchild & Main Organization: Samsara Nishi

I love you all!!

I’m looking forward to see what we will be challenged to create during the second edition of Fashion Designers Challenge!!  If you are also curious about it, keep one eye on


Samsara Nishi

Fashion Designers Challenge - banner

Fashion Designers Challenge - banner

Hey there!

This is a quick post just to let you know we decided to postpone our closing party to the last day of our Fashion Designers Challenge Photo Contest, so we can announce the winners during the party!  We will let you know all the details later!

By the way, did you submit your photos already for the photo contest? The grand prize will be a FAT BAG including almost ALL items created to the Fashion Designer Contest!!

Check the rules and have fun!


Samsara Nishi

Pushbutton Skolnick from the label SPRAWL is one of the 35 brave designers attending the Fashion Designers Challenge. She was challenged by Danielle Harrop who wanted her to create a:

“sheath dress and cropped or bolero jacket with wrist-lenght gloves, seamed hose…a 1940’s daywear look. If you feel adverturous, a pill box hat would make the outfit perfect… “

So she created a classy 1940’s daywear outfit available in 4 different colours:

water and coffee:

FDC The Lark (water & coffee)

chestnut and coal:

FDC The Lark (chestnut & coal)

crimson and navy:

FDC The Lark (crimson & navy)

night and fog:

FDC The Lark (night & fog)

Each one includes 17 items:

1 belt, 3 tops ( jacket, shirt, undershirt layer), 1 bolero, bolero sleeves, 2 button up shirts ( shirt, undershirt layer), 1 shirt collar, shirt sleeves, 2 glitchpants ( pants, underpants layer), 1 skirt, gloves and stockings. The button-up shirts and the seamed stockings are the same for each color. The outfit includes a system skirt which was unavoidable, so to keep it from the puffy “big butt”- look you can turn the value of your butt size down to 0 (given that you have a shape that is set to modify).

Due to the great number of pieces and the variety of colours, the outfit offers you a range of different wearing options and furthermore it’s suited for multiple occasions like business, festivities or just for everyday life depending on the way of wearing it. The night and fog one is suitable for everything, it looks so elegant and classy and I’m also a huge black and white fan so this one is my personal favourite.

All FDC outfits are available at this 2 stores:

Further informations about the FDC:

Yours, Jamie Holmer

This is a peek into the two challenges I accepted with the Fashion Designer Challenge.  

The skin challenge was from Ina Centaur and it was to create a skin that could walk right out of the virtual world of Second Life (TM) into real life.  Well, I do not consider that I truly met what she meant for that challenge.  I typically make fantasy based skins and am relatively new to skin creation.  I have to say that I did learn quite a bit about creating the base skin.  I will be tweaking this one over time.  I loved the challenge because it forced me to work outside of my comfort zone and learn things that will only improve my skills overall.  My parter was challenged to make an outfit that was tempered, worn and do it yourself repaired many many times.  I must say her outfit is incredible. 

The clothing challenge was from Wiccan Soujourner and it was to create a formal suit that includes a jacket, blouse and pants.  I had to use a little creative license here (giggles) as my partner was challenged to design a skin based upon an astrological or mythological character.  She chose Neptune and she did an awesome job with him.  Yes!  The King of the sea is going out to a formal in style.  O.o  And I thought I saw everything!  😀

Can’t wait to see what others have done…..ohhhh please, I can not wait!!!Fashion Designer Challenge Peek A Boo


Fashion Designers Challenge - banner

Probably you are curious to know what are the rules of the Fashion Designers Challenge, don’t you?

There are individual challenges and also team challenges!

Individual Challenge

Each one of the fashion designers have 3 main individual assignments during the Fashion Designers Challenge:

  1. To define a challenge to send to another fashion designer
  2. To create an outfit based on the challenge he/she  received from another fashion designer
  3. To blog about the outfit someone else created

That means:

“Fashion-Designer-A” defines a challenge that “Fashion-Designer-B” will create and “Fashion-Designer-C” will blog about.

The challenge itself can be whatever the fashion designer wanna challenge the next fashion designer to create.

Whatever he/she wants!!! There are NO rules to define the challenge itself… And believe me, there are ALL kind of challenges!! lol

Now probably you are asking yourslef “Who is challenging who?” This definition is by chance! It is random!

Nobody can pick who will receive his/her challenge! Nobody can pick what challenge will receive!

The challenges are randon distributed separately inside each one of the different fashion categories: Clothes, Hair, Jewelry, Skin and Shoes.

That means you only can challenge someone else to create a dress if you are up to receive yourself a clothes challenge.

Team Challenge

This is the funny part! The strong interaction between fashion designers! We created teams to work together into a harmonized final look.

As far as we have 5 fashion categories challenges at the same time (Clothes, Hair, Jewelry, Skin and Shoes), and only one fashion show to feature all the final products together… we must to put them together into a harmonized final outfits.

To do that we created designers TEAMS including designer of different categories.

Each team has the mission to work together during the creative process to reach their individual challenges goals into a harmonized final outfit including all pieces created by them.

Do you think it is impossible? Maybe… That will be fun! By the way, the teams are also created by chance.

At this point we already defined all the challenges, and we already distributed all the challenges! That means all fashion designers are already creating, or at least, thinking about what they will be creating!

Do you dare to imagine what kind of outfits we will be creating for you during  Fashion Designers Challenge?

Wait and you will see!

Keep one eye on Fashion Designers Challenge blog to know more about it! We will be publishing more informations soon!


Samsara Nishi

Fashion Designers Challenge 

Fashion Designers Challenge

Fashion Designers Challenge

Since late last year I saw so many “blog challenges” around, all of them so interesting! 

The first I ever saw was Mix’n Match challenged by Vint Falken and ArminasX Saiman! That was a soooo cool idea! A group of blogger challenging each other to write about something that, maybe, it is not his/her usual main focus.  And, on top of that, each one of them should host on his/her own blog a blogpost from another blogger.

I’ll tell you something… to join such kind of challenge, the person must be brave, because maybe he/she will take a subject to write that he/she is absolutely clueless about… And there is a defined deadline to have the article done. And that is! This is part of the challenge! Doesn’t matter what the challenge is, the person who accept to be challenged must have a creative mind!

After that I noticed a lot of fashion bloggers challenging themselves to post about  a defined subject, or about a specific fashion designer, or “mix look” and so one… The last I saw was Fashionable Relay Challenge by Sasy Scarborough.

All of those challenges inspired me to launch this first edition of  “Fashion Designers Challenge” !

Please, don’t get confused: this is not a “competition” between fashion designers!

This is a teamwork challenge!

This is a collaboration effort!

I started to chat with the fashion designers who I shared the catwalk during 2008 fashion events, challenging them to join the team. And they started to challenge their own friends fashion designers to also join the team.

At the end of this process, we ended up with an interesting network of 35 fashion designers who jumped into this idea! Take a look on the fashion designers list on the right column. I’m sure you know all of them! What do you think about them?

I think all of them are brave!! All of them have creative minds!! All of them wanna work together in a collaboration effort!

And… we all are already having lot of  fun!!

Do you dare to imagine what kind of outfits we will be creating for you during  Fashion Designers Challenge?

Wait! And you will see!

Keep one eye on Fashion Designers Challenge blog to know more about it! We will be publishing more informations soon!


Samsara Nishi

Fashion Designers Challenge