This is a peek into the two challenges I accepted with the Fashion Designer Challenge.  

The skin challenge was from Ina Centaur and it was to create a skin that could walk right out of the virtual world of Second Life (TM) into real life.  Well, I do not consider that I truly met what she meant for that challenge.  I typically make fantasy based skins and am relatively new to skin creation.  I have to say that I did learn quite a bit about creating the base skin.  I will be tweaking this one over time.  I loved the challenge because it forced me to work outside of my comfort zone and learn things that will only improve my skills overall.  My parter was challenged to make an outfit that was tempered, worn and do it yourself repaired many many times.  I must say her outfit is incredible. 

The clothing challenge was from Wiccan Soujourner and it was to create a formal suit that includes a jacket, blouse and pants.  I had to use a little creative license here (giggles) as my partner was challenged to design a skin based upon an astrological or mythological character.  She chose Neptune and she did an awesome job with him.  Yes!  The King of the sea is going out to a formal in style.  O.o  And I thought I saw everything!  😀

Can’t wait to see what others have done…..ohhhh please, I can not wait!!!Fashion Designer Challenge Peek A Boo