Fashion Designers Challenge

Fashion Designers Challenge


FASHION DESIGNERS CHALLENGE PRESS RELEASE – The  Road to Oz, May, 2nd –  Samsara Nishi, fashion designer, is proud to announce the first edition of FASHION DESIGNERS CHALLENGE – FDC for short.

For long time I’ve wishing to explore more deeply the collaboration aspect of SL, and I was also so curious about how it would be to organize such a thing… Finally I found a funny way to do it: usualy fashion designers, including me, work alone, all by themselves… well… what if they could influence each other to create? So I decided to invite other fashion designers to join me to be challenging each other to explore our creative minds practicing our design abilities on the fly!” says Samsara Nishi.

FDC is a special & unique fashion event involving 35 well known fashion designers connected under a strong collaboration mode.

Everyone who joined this team were brave enough to accept the challenge to join the event as fashion designer without knowing what are the style of outfit they would have to create… They are challenging each other to create maybe something different from their usual…

The brave fashion designers are (in alphabetic order):

Aleri Darkes, Alexandar Vargas, Amutey Decuir, Annah Whitfield, Anubis Hartunian, Candy Cerveau, Clio Cardiff, Danielle Harrop, Digit Darkes, Eolande Elvehjem, Felicity Overlord, Ina Centaur, Indyra Seigo, Ivey Deschanel, Jamie Holmer, Kesseret Steeplechase, Leah McCullough, Mew Denimore, Mouse Mimistrobell, Nardya Rousselot, Neferia Abel, Nyte Vargas, Pushbutton Skolnick, Samsara Nishi, SavannahAnn McMillan, Sevenstar Amat, Sheltered Heart, Shir Dryke, Sioxie Legend, Sofi Sullivan, SySy Chapman, Tatianna Faulkes, Tigerlily Koi, Tuli Asturias and Wiccan Sojourner.

Each one of the fashion designers have 3 main individual assignments during the Fashion Designers Challenge:

1. To define a challenge to send to another fashion designer
2. To create an outfit based on the challenge he/she  received from another fashion designer
3. To blog about the outfit someone else created

That means:

“Fashion-Designer-A” defines a challenge that “Fashion-Designer-B” will create and “Fashion-Designer-C” will blog about.

And there are also team challenges.

This is not a competition between fashion designers. This is a teamwork challenge. This is a collaboration effort.

As far as everything was picked by chance… we will have some unusual outfits as, for example, Ivey Deschanel from Sn@tch been challenged by Sevenstar Amat to design a classical suit for ladies.

Allthough I have not been teamed up with another designer (due to the fact we were having more clothing designers then for skins/jewelry and other categories), I’ve enjoyed every part of this challenge. It’s interesting and fun to not only define a challenge to another designer and see what they come up with, but also to be challenged and having to create something you least expect and which may not be your usual style. I would definately do this again :)” says SySy Chapman.

I have enjoyed working and meeting with other designers. Will I do it again? You bet!” says Wiccan Sojourner.

Absolutely for sure my main challenge was not to create an outfit… after I had this idea my personal bigger challenge was to put all together and make it happens! And I’ve to confess you, I’m so excited to see the results of this initiative!” said Samsara Nishi.

All operational aspects of the event were build under collaboration mode: Sioxie Legend made the official logo and poster based on her discussions with the visual identity team: Ina Centaur, Sevenstar Amat and Sioxie Legend; Candy Cerveau lended a sim to host the store and the club; Tatianna Faulkes did all the customization and building of the store  based on the discussions she had with Sofi Sullivan; Clio Cardiff was the official Italian translator helping other designers to fully understand all details about the event.

The decisions regarding who should be hired as services providers for the event, also were take together by all designers. “It is really interesting to notice some of the services providers, by their own decision, offered to join us under the collaboration mode, as sponsors.” said Samsara referring to Prad Prathivi who will be making a machinima about the event, and Tillie Ariantho who will be working as the official photographer, both as sponsors.

Timeless Agency is planing and will be presenting the Fashion Shows with the results of the designers creations during the follow dates:
1st Fashion Show: Tuesday, May/5th at NOON SLT at Patch Thibaus Auditorium / SLURL:
2nd Fashion Show: Saturday, May/16th at 6pm SLT at Patch Thibaus Auditorium  / SLURL:

FDC creations will also be featured on a TV Show, May/11th at 7pm SLT, at Moda Fashion Spotlight.  You will be able to  watch it here:

Two temporary stores with all FDC products will be open to the public during the first Fashion Show, May/5th and it doors will be gone after the closign party at May/17th. The stores are located at The  Road to Oz (157, 137, 25) – SLURL: and at Snatch Ciky (71, 51, 30) – SLURL:

FDC started with a pre-launching party exclusive for close friends, media people and bloggers on Tuesday April/28th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm sLT, with TwinStorm Sciarri DJ and Gwen Carillon DJ. The closing party will be on Sunday, May/17th from 1:30pm to 4pm SLT  with TurboDJ Des DJ and Asrael Hax DJ. And also, of course, a flickr photo contest will happen.

Fashion Designers Challenge event is only possible with the support of sponsors:

EyeCandy/Candy Cerveau, Amodica Studio/Prad Prathivi, Tillie Ariantho, SL Newspaper, The Best of SL Magazine, WW Design, Sn@tch/Ivey Deschanel, Sam’s Secret Boutique/Samsara Nishi and Moda Fashion Spotlight.

For additional information on Fashion Designers Challenge, contact Samsara Nishi inworld, visit

For additional information on Fashion Shows, contact SerinaJane Loon inworld, visit

ABOUT Fashion Designers Challenge – FDC is a special & unique fashion event involving 35 well known fashion designers connected under a strong collaboration mode.
Temporary stores with all FDC products at:
The  Road to Oz (157, 137, 25) – SLURL:
Snatch Ciky (71, 51, 30) – SLURL:

For additional information on our sponsors, visit:


SPONSORS (alphabetic order):

Amodica Studio/Prad Prathivi –
EyeCandy/Candy Cerveau –
Moda Fashion Spotlight:
Sam’s Secret Boutique:
SL Newspaper –
Sn@tch/Ivey Deschanel  –
The Best of SL Magazine –
Tillie Ariantho –
WW Design –