Pushbutton Skolnick from the label SPRAWL is one of the 35 brave designers attending the Fashion Designers Challenge. She was challenged by Danielle Harrop who wanted her to create a:

“sheath dress and cropped or bolero jacket with wrist-lenght gloves, seamed hose…a 1940’s daywear look. If you feel adverturous, a pill box hat would make the outfit perfect… “

So she created a classy 1940’s daywear outfit available in 4 different colours:

water and coffee:

FDC The Lark (water & coffee)

chestnut and coal:

FDC The Lark (chestnut & coal)

crimson and navy:

FDC The Lark (crimson & navy)

night and fog:

FDC The Lark (night & fog)

Each one includes 17 items:

1 belt, 3 tops ( jacket, shirt, undershirt layer), 1 bolero, bolero sleeves, 2 button up shirts ( shirt, undershirt layer), 1 shirt collar, shirt sleeves, 2 glitchpants ( pants, underpants layer), 1 skirt, gloves and stockings. The button-up shirts and the seamed stockings are the same for each color. The outfit includes a system skirt which was unavoidable, so to keep it from the puffy “big butt”- look you can turn the value of your butt size down to 0 (given that you have a shape that is set to modify).

Due to the great number of pieces and the variety of colours, the outfit offers you a range of different wearing options and furthermore it’s suited for multiple occasions like business, festivities or just for everyday life depending on the way of wearing it. The night and fog one is suitable for everything, it looks so elegant and classy and I’m also a huge black and white fan so this one is my personal favourite.

All FDC outfits are available at this 2 stores:



Further informations about the FDC:


Yours, Jamie Holmer